Intergenerational Gardening

Caroline, working with the charity First Taste has set up intergenerational gardening projects in Matlock working with Year 6 Primary school children and Residents in 2 care homes in Matlock.

The children and residents worked together weekly over 15 sessions to design and a new sensory garden for all the residents to enjoy. Through making mosaics/painting raised planters/ growing runner beans, lettuces and strawberries/ planting hanging baskets with colour the outdoor spaces have been transformed. As well as beautiful new outdoor sensory gardens having been built, it has been so rewarding to see the relationships and friendships made across the generations.

The feedback from the schools and the care homes has been very positive.

 intergenerational_gardening_children           intergenerational_gardening_children_1             intergenerational_gardening_children_3     WP_20160419_008


Some quotes from the children:

“I have had so much fun working with Mary. I’ve had an amazing experience and never want it to end.”

“The project personally made me feel happy and joyful. Helping the residents made me feel that what we are doing is something special, something really important.”


Some quotes from the residents:

“I feel more confident now thanks to the girls who kept encouraging me while we were gardening together”

“Whenever we go in the garden we will remember our time with the children and have happy memories.”