Aims & Activities

The Grange - decorating plant pots 2

Aims of Horticultural Therapy

We aim to:-

  • Provide activities to stimulate residents both physically and mentally using sensory materials

  • Encourage sharing of ideas, knowledge and experiences

  • Encourage social interaction and reminiscence

  • Give people a sense of purpose and achievement from completing a meaningful activity, enhancing their self esteem

  • Increase residents’ sense of wellbeing from getting outside and working with plants and nature

  • Give residents a sense of hope and expectation eg waiting for seeds to germinate

  • Encourage community involvement and a sense of competition eg entering local flower/seed swaps with schools or other care homes /scarecrow competitions/ linking with schools in intergenerational work

  • Work with activity coordinators and care staff to increase their knowledge and skills


Activities are chosen depending on residents’ interests and related to the season for example:

  • Growing herbs

  • Growing flowers and vegetables from seed

  • Planting up pots with bedding plants

  • Flower arranging, drying and pressing flowers

  • Making a hanging basket for bees and butterflies

  • Encouraging birds into the gardenPlanting summer bedding

  • Gifts from the garden

  • Making a scarecrow

  • Taking cuttings

  • Planting bulbs

  • Christmas wreaths

  • Christmas table arrangements